Alan Ristic – Review of RockGrowth™

Alan Ristic is nothing if not persistent. The man, who is the mastermind behind RockGrowth™, is completely committed to this business. He reached out to my on LinkedIn. At first, I was skeptical. I told him so and then, he reminded me that it was a free consultation.  He has a sense of humor so I decided to talk to him.

Although I didn’t  decide to work with him this time, he gave me some fantastic advice. For free. I can implement these actionable items in my current coaching business immediately. Wow.

What is RockGrowth™?

RockGrowth™ according to its website, is set up to help business owners create a  “predictable flow of premium clients.” That may seem vague to you, but let me elaborate.   Basically, they help you get more clients on a steady basis.

Why does this matter to you? 

When Alan and I spoke about my why, I was uncomfortable but in a good way. He asked me some opportunities for depth. At first, I was like, “who was this nut?” Thank something I heard him out. Alan’s program matters to all of us because:

  • It creates controllable and predictable fun for all. Alan wants you to know your numbers. Its important data that will help you succeed in attaining your goals.
  • Alan also works with helping you create your legacy. What do you want to leave in the world when you die? It’s a big question and difficult to figure out, but with Alan, I know you can. He’s patient, kind and considerate as well as quick-witted. He thinks well on his feet.
  • Enjoying yourself and having fun with the process. Alan looks at your business as a playground where you can do whatever you want. There are no limits except in your imagination.
  • Authenticity and leadership. Alan shows up for you in this way. It’s important to me that the people I associate with have authenticity. Alan has that in spades. As Alan’s site says, “Your business is (an) extension of your core beliefs and values.

If you need more reasons, visit Alan Ristic’s website at

What insights did Alan give me?

Well, Alan took my personal situation into account. We dealt specifically with my coaching page and my concerns surrounding my business, especially in the area of social media. This is where Alan really shines.  His tips included:

    1. One result – focus energy…get to know prospects one on one, optimize packaging and pricing for this.
    2. Automate pre-sales …calendly, use fb ads…$150 per month. Re-invest money earned into fb ads.
    3. Make more than one offer. Nurture them down the line.
    4. First use free marketing channel…upgrade linked in game. Facebook is fine to start.
    5. Try to build partnerships. Split revenue. With other coaches.
    6. Track and optimize every step. Google Analytics and FB Analytics, set up spreadsheet to analyze these and list them.

I am taking this advice to heart. I really think you owe Alan a chance. Give yourself the opportunity of at least a free consultation call. No, I chose not to go with him right now for two reasons 1) I have a business coach who specializes in my unique niche – bariatric patients and emotional overeaters.   2) I just don’t have the money. I have not ruled out working with Alan in the future.

Visit his website today at and get that free consultation. It’s worth the half hour of your time for the insights you gain.

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