Interview with Michael Osada – Video Available

Before I begin with the highlights, know that it’s worth to watch in its entirety. The video is an interview I did with Michael Osada recently. Michael is a heart-based entrepreneur who wants to seek out and help others. He’s really genuine and asks insightful and thought-thought provoking questions. A dream come true for me.  I felt really heard and opened up quite a bit. Thank you, Michael.

What did we talk about exactly?

Well, that’s simple even though our conversation was 30 minutes plus.

  • What I did! I’m a life coach who specializes in emotional overeaters and bariatric patients.
  • He asked for clarification, so I gave it openly and freely.
  • I explained un-adulting and am now actively working to bring an awareness to people that it’s okay to play with children’s games. We’re never too old.
  • Got to talk up my excellent life coach – Clay Blacker.
  • I mention that I can coach via Zoom or phone.

We also discussed things like:

  • How mindful I was in seeking a life coach and the universe brought him to me,
  • My challenges with weight and weight loss. I’m currently down 128 lbs. Got more to go but I’m no rush,
  • The importance of self-care. Boy did I need to practice that then and even more so now. A practice of compassion includes that you give yourself compassion. More on that later.
  • How my story is powerful and my raw authenticity is my best marketing tool.
  • The fact that I’m a two-time bariatric surgery survivor.
  • We discuss health a little bit and how important it is to us now.
  • I tell him about my interest in maintaining a relationship with children. Just found a gig volunteering for my daughter and me. is the website for the Austin area. It’s the Ronald McDonald House at Dell Children’s Hospital. I’m excited.

There’s even more:

Michael and I got along very well. He asked insightful and interesting question. I found the flow was natural and easy. Michael really can make you feel comfortable in a difficult situation. I have body image issues and don’t like being on cameras. I just don’t. Michael made  difficult task seem like less of a chore and more. He challenged beliefs I spend a life I love.


Basically, I know  this article is vague. It was meant to be that way. I’d really like you to look at the attached interview. If you do, you will see Michael’s genius in action. He reassured me that it would be alright. He offered his help to me during a difficult time. I respect him and believe he will treat you with the same respect as I got. I’d recommend Michael to anyone. He is a good and kind young man. Can you believe it – he just turned “20. So, it’s okay to share your story and if you are ready to do so, you should go that extra mile to contact Michael on his Facebook page at


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