Badass Babes: Sarah Carillo

SarahCarilloSarah Carillo is a powerhouse personal trainer and health and fitness coach. She loves working with busy moms like herself. I first met her in a Facebook group online. We became fast friends and I look forward to our calls. Sarah sits firmly in her power and she has even helped me reclaim some of my own. She is the first person to tell me honestly that I was lowballing myself in what I charged. She helped me see that I was worth more. I love Sarah’s energy and enthusiasm for life. She is a badass babe and I am happy to feature her as the first in my new monthly series on Badass Babes. Everyone, here’s Sarah.

Sarah, what made you decide to become a coach?

what inspires me to serve is now more than ever people are sick and tired of failing with their health. We don’t have to suffer and can find our own definition of what fitness and health looks and feels like to us. This is my goal with each client.

What’s your niche? What population do you serve?

Fitness & health. I help moms learn how to make time to accomplish their fitness and health goals and become their strongest version of themselves.

What kinds of offerings do you have? What services do you provide?

I  offer a fitness program with coaching to help moms accomplish their fitness and nutrition goals along with improving their mindset so they can have long lasting changes that make them feel good.

What makes you unique among other coaches in your niche?

I combine fitness along with empowerment coaching.I want to make sure to give my clients the right tools and create a strong mindset that will not only empower them in their health and fitness as well as learning to  trust themselves more to know how to help heal themselves and get back in health alignment if they fall off the wagon. I emphasize on progress not perfection, so working with me means the client is committed to working on themselves, mind, body and soul.

Who is your ideal client?

Moms who struggle  with working out and are tired of all the bull shit that’s in in the health and fitness industry. I want to work with a mom who is ready to take back her own power in her health and fitness relationship.

What is your fitness routine like?

I enjoy a variety of activities to stay active such as yoga, strength training, and getting outdoors with my kids.

What are some things you do that bring you joy?

I like getting out in nature, painting, singing, and dancing with my kids.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with my readers?

No. Thank you for the opportunity.

How can we find your website and Facebook group, Spiritual Moms Tribe? Please provide links.

You can find me online at My Facebook group is located at  I’m on Instagram @spiritualfitmom. 

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