Why you should take a pre-surgery pic and pics along the way?

deanna100lbslostOkay. This should be a no-brainer for you all. This is my 100 lbs lost picture. It was taken at Christmastime 2017, about 6 months after my sleeve surgery. A year before that, I weighed 387 lbs. I felt like I had come a long way. I had.

I did take a pre-surgery pic. I had several. I hate looking at them. In fact, I hated having my picture taken at all. Still not a huge fan. I’m kind of un-photogenic. I think I look better in person to be honest.

However, I want you to take a  few pre-surgery pictures if not for your sake then that of your family and friends. Despite whether or not you love yourself, they love and and want images of you. These pictures will also be great reminders of the person you were before surgery and how far you’ve come since surgery.

Take pictures along the way. I should’ve taken one every month. I didn’t. I’m doing them every six months. It works for me. I know – I’m not taking my own advice, but…well, maybe I’ll start a monthly picture from now on. How’s that for compromise – and I’ll even post it here.

I took a picture yesterday on my one-year sleeve-a-versary. I have lost a total of 133 lbs. Wow. I’m thrilled. I have intentionally stalled my weight loss to a more healthy 1-2 lbs a week with the help of my nutritionist because we believe that extreme weight loss is not healthy for the body.

I’m not telling you what to do. Not at all. I’m just sharing what works for me. My goal weight is about 70 lbs away, but I think about 30 of that will be skin from the skin removal surgery.

I do plan to get that about a year after I reach my goal weight which is about 40 lbs away per my calculations. Not bad. I hope to reach it by June of 2019. Maybe sooner. I’m in no rush. I believe that the images we take can help us to celebrate more than what the numbers on the scale say.

Pictures show us in a real way how far we’ve come. I don’t look like the person I was last June. I sure don’t feel like her. I am happy with my progress and I want you to have that joy so take those pics and post them. Celebrate yourself. You are worth it and you are working this tool to the max.

Love and light to you.

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