Badass Babes: Alannah Byers

AlannahI first met Alannah Byers when I started my life coach training class at Rhodes Wellness College. Alannah was the youngest one in our group, but I was astounded by her passion, compassion and depth of knowledge. I’m proud to call Alannah a friend. We are even peer coaching together. She is a force of nature and a true Badass Babe. I hope you enjoy learning more about her.

Alannah, what made you decide to become a coach?

I decided to be a life coach because I’ve always loved helping others. My mom is a life coach, and one day it just clicked with me and I decided to look into schools and see what’s out there. I found Rhodes, and was immediately sold! It seemed like a great place to go and I was right!

Can you tell me why you chose Rhodes Wellness College for your education?  What about Rhodes attracted you?

Rhodes was a great fit for me, and one of the first schools that I looked in to. I loved the fact that it was all online, and that the workload wasn’t too heavy – just a few nights a week. I was able to work and do class at the same times. The class size was also really beneficial for me and my learning style, and the group of ladies I was with was really great. Even though I was the youngest by around 18 years I didn’t feel awkward or out of place. We all got along quite well!

What’s your niche? What population do you serve? What called you to serve this population?  

I work with the LGBTQIA community! I am part of the LGBT community, and the majority of my friends are also part of this community. A lot of people in the LGBT community struggle with coming to terms with their sexuality (I did) as well as struggle with coming out, and knowing when the right time to come out is, as well as who to come out to. I hope that I can help the community feel ok with coming out (or not!) and coming to terms with their sexuality. I also want to teach them that it is ok to be the way they are, even though they may feel uncomfortable with it. 

What kinds of offerings do you have? What services do you provide?

Currently I provide solely coaching services, but in the future I hope to also provide counselling services as well as do some talks – to schools, community groups, etc. I would also like to provide housing or a safe space for people in the LGBT community who are struggling.

What makes you unique among other coaches even in your niche?

I am one of the only coaches who specializes in the LGBT community. I also am the only Canadian life coach in this niche, as well as the youngest coach catering to the LGBT community!

Who is your ideal client?

My ideal client is someone who has a goal in mind, or someone who wants to get some sort of clarity in their life! Having a positive attitude towards change also is a big help to their process. To be able to change, one has to be ready or thinking about the change! The change can be uncomfortable

What has your own journey been like – as a coach or as a person and how do the two align?

My journey as a coach has been very beneficial to me. It has allowed my confidence in myself to grow, as well as given me a lot of courage to do things I wasn’t able to before. It has allowed me to learn a lot about myself as well as how to be a better support system for others.

What are some things you do that bring you joy?

Making people happy, and having them tell me that I’ve really helped them brings me joy. I love helping others, and making people feel like things are possible. I always try to be the person that I need when I am in a slump, or when I need an extra push to get me going!

How can we find your website and your Instagram feed? Please provide links.

You can find me on Instagram at My personal website is  and my Facebook page is located at

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