Health Update – Gall Bladder Removal

I had my gall bladder removed on Friday. It was not a difficult procedure, but it was necessary. Apparently, I had an ‘impressive’ number of stones. The doctor said it was over 50. Yeah. No wonder why I had been feeling pretty sick and had trouble eating.

The extreme weight loss from the surgery may have facilitated the need to have the gall bladder removed. Some surgeons remove it as a matter of course with the weight loss surgery itself. I’m not sure what caused mine to flare up.

Would I still have the WLS surgery? Yes, in a heartbeat.

Today is Monday. I’m just tired. I do have some lingering pain and I’m just drained. I am happy with my progress. I see the surgeon for a follow up on Wednesday and hopefully I’ll be cleared to do all my regular activities.

I have lots to do this summer. I’m excited to show you my Bariatric Badass podcast.  The first four episodes are up on SoundCloud right now. We will be moving them to iTunes soon so you can subscribe.

I have not forgotten the Bariatric Q&A, but I have not done as much work on it as I’d like. Don’t worry – it’ll be in great shape as the summer gets over just like I will be.

Finally, I’m working hard on my support group documentation. I will be running two – one in Austin and one online. Feel free to check out my Facebook page for more information or Eventbrite. The links are below:

Please know that I am here for you no matter what and am willing to offer support and assistance. I love what I do and I love you. No, that’s not the pain medication talking. No matter what, I’m in your corner. Know that. Trust that. I am authentic and real. I will fight for you and teach you how to fight for yourself. I will also encourage you to love yourself.

You deserve it.


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