Finding Out Our Pain Points

pain pointsAs a life coach, I have to be in tune with what causes my clients pain. I am not a big fan of this part of my  job. In fact, I’ve asked for help to get clarity on what exactly causes my clients pain. Is losing weight their main goal of bariatric surgery? No, not usually. For me, I wanted to lose enough weight to get knee surgery. That was my why.

Ironically enough, I’ve lost enough weight and taken the stress off my knee to no longer need knee surgery. It’s a great feeling, but what do I most want now. I had to have a talk with my friend Belldon Colme to figure it out. He’s a health coach who does some amazing work at

What are my pain points?

He and I do very different things so I don’t mind sending you out to him. He poked and prodded at me to figure out what I want most. I want to wear sexy shoes and clothing without my skin getting in the way. Yes, I have loose skin and it’s painful for me to look at. I feel like a failure. My daughter calls it accomplishment because there’s no fat there anymore. I call it a hollow victory…literally.

Why do I struggle with body image?

I feel insecure about the loose skin and am struggling with my body image. I had hoped the surgery would’ve taken care of that problem. I had hoped for too much. Now, I wonder – what do you hope for? I am setting up free calls with people over the next three weeks. I want to talk to people for an hour, just a conversation. I want to learn your pain points, your driving factors. I want to know what makes you tick. I want to learn how I can help you or someone like you as a life coach.

Why I want to talk to you about pain points?

Call it market research or call it curiousity. I just want to know how I can be of assistance to emotional overeaters and bariatric patients. Email me at I am ready to collect data and information from you. Help me help others. I need you. I will be available nights, weekends and days for you. The calls should last an hour or less.

Please email me today for more information on how you can help me help people find their pain points and learn to eradicate them. Thanks.

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