You are a Badass

badass bookIn this book, You are a Badass- How to Stop Doubting your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life, rock star life coach, Jenn Sincero introduces you to her fun and badass way of looking at things. She helps you get out of your own way with a bulldozer. Jenn was recommended to me by my life coach, Clay Blacker. He did me a favor.

Why I really enjoyed You Are A Badass!

Jenn’s writing style is fantastic. She’s fun and not pedantic, but she teaches you a ton of shit. OMG. I learned so much from this book. I discovered that I was making my life so much harder than it needed to be. I just needed to get out of my own way.

Why did I take up the “Badass Banner”?

Jenn also gave me the courage to take up the badass banner. I am a badass and I own it.  Jenn talks about her own journey in an honest and authentic way. I appreciate that and try to emulate her approach. She doesn’t sugar coat anything and expects you to do the work. Each chapter has exercises. I will admit I didn’t do them all, but I got so much out of this book that I highly recommend it to anyone.

In fact, I’ve given it as a gift to friends I feel need a good kick in the pants. I’m happy to let Jenn do it. She does it so well. I really don’t know what else to say about the book other than it inspired me and gave me the courage to move forward in my life and in this career. I was stuck. I was in a place of extreme self-doubt and negativity. Jenn’s book helped snap me back into reality.

You’ve got to want your life – Go for it!

I’ve learned that no one is going to hand anything to me. You shouldn’t expect it either. You have to go for the brass ring. You deserve it. You’re badass like that. If I can do it, you can.

If you get a chance, please read it. It could really change your life. If you’re not ready, wait until you are. You’ll get so much more out of the book if you’re ready.


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