What Are Your Core Values – And Why Should You Figure Them Out?

core valuesCore values are the principles and ethics you hold most dear. They define who you are, believe it or not  When you live in alignment with your core values, life is easier and more meaningful. Your actions have purpose and you sort of just know what to do next. Core values are kind of the blueprint for your life.

Putting a name to your Core Values

I’ll attach a document to this post that lists a bunch of core values. Some common ones include:

    • Compassion,
    • Authenticity,
    • Honesty,
    • Integrity,
    • Selflessness,
    • And Support.

My Core Value

For me, my core value is authenticity. It requires me to be 100% honest. To some people that seems like I just enjoy engaging in TMI. That’s not true. I do share myself and my story with people, but not everything. I do, believe it or not, hold some things back. I just believe that, as a life coach and author, it’s my duty to share as much of my journey as I can with you. By living in alignment with my core values, I know what I can share with you and what I shouldn’t or don’t feel comfortable sharing.

I can tell you that I’ve lived life without being in alignment with my core values and it was much more difficult. As part of my life coach training, we went through an exercise that helped us define our core values. I like to do this with my clients and will be running through it on my Bariatric Badass podcast with Alannah Byers, my friend and fellow life coach.

How do you figure out your core values?

It’s simple, really. You just choose ten values that speak to you.  You write them down. Then, you scratch out five, then two more. Finally you circle the one value that means the most to you. This is, essentially, your core value. You will want to do things to live your life according to that value. You will want to show up for yourself and others. You will find that you feel more value in your life.

I really can’t stress it enough. If you want to do a core values assessment with me, today, just make an appointment. First appointment is free.

Values List – Online Coaching – 2017

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