The Plastic Surgery Conundrum – To Do Plastics or Not To Do Plastics?

plastic surgeryLike many people who have lost a significant amount of weight, I’ve thought about doing plastic surgery. Yes, I have bat wings and pockets of loose skin that make me feel extremely uncomfortable about myself sometimes. I thought plastic surgery would make me feel better. So I went in for a consult last week to see a plastic surgeon. What I found out shocked and upset me.

Making the appointment to visit a plastic surgeon

The appointment process was easy. Well, once I got the right plastic surgeon. Initially, my gynecologist thought that there was a plastic surgeon in her practice. I found out she was a bariatric surgeon, not a plastic surgeon. I asked her office if they recommended any plastic surgeons. They did and I called the office. Apparently, there is quite the market for plastic surgery in Austin.

Plastic Surgery Hopes Pre-Appointment

I made the appointment and went on the 20thof August. I was nervous and excited. I had hoped that plastic surgery would be the thing to help me accept myself and my weight loss. I need to make peace with my body. It’s a long time in coming. Losing over 150 lbs. has not given me the satisfaction I thought it would sometimes. I guess I put a lot of stock in the fact that this excess skin was causing me problems and if I could remove it, I’d look and feel better.

Plastic Surgery Hopes Dashed During Appointment

The plastic surgeon saw me as just a piece of meat to cut up and carve. She saw me as a sale, not as a person with hopes and dreams. I am not saying all plastic surgeons are this callous, but she was. She told me she could not fix my legs because of the lymphedema. That crushed me. She could do the arms, the boobs and the tummy tuck but they would all be cosmetic procedures and not covered by insurance. She chided me for coming to her before I was at goal weight. She also said she couldn’t tell me how much loose skin I was carrying or what my goal weight needed to be.

I was crushed. I was told to await a quote from the office and expect it to be the price of a good car, like $20,000 plus.

Where I Stand on Plastic Surgery Today?

Well, I can honestly say that the last week has been a bit of a roller coaster. I finally came to the conclusion that, for right now, I am not going to consider plastic surgery. My loose skin speaks to my accomplishment of losing so much weight. It doesn’t bother me physically and I have people in my life who love me for who I am. It’s time I love myself as I am. I am okay without the plastic surgery. That does not mean I discourage others from doing it. If you want to do it and can afford it, go for it. I am just not willing to put in the time, effort and money necessary to have these procedures at this point.

Besides, as a life coach, I encourage my clients to love themselves as they are. If I want to show up for my clients the right way, I have to be the kind of person I expect them to be. Don’t I?

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