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Tracy ShulickTracy Shulick is a member of my Facebook group, Bariatric Badasses. She’s a rockstar in business and in weight loss. I love her energy and spirit and hope that you will learn to love her too. Let’s get to know her better, okay?

Tracy, please provide an introduction to yourself. Feel free to include stats as well as a bit about               what you do and how the surgery has impacted you so far.

Hello! My name is Tracy. I am 47 and a mom to a daughter, who is 21 years old and a 20 year old son. He is serving in the Navy. I have to say that I’m a proud Navy Mom. I have been married for 12 years to a wonderful guy. He’s a retired firefighter. For stats, my first surgery weight in 2015 was 247lbs. My revision surgery weight was 181 lbs. That was in June 2018 (RNY revision). My current weight is 160lbs and my goal weight is 145 lbs. I am 5’2”.

Tracy, why did you choose to have weight loss surgery?

I spent so much money for so many years on weight loss programs, diets and gimmick pills. Some worked and some didn’t; but, in the end I always put the weight back on and then some! The surgery was my last hope. I was pre-diabetic. I was miserable. I needed this surgery as a second chance.

Can you tell us a little bit about your surgery journey?

In the beginning, I was miserable and regretted my decision. I thought I missed certain foods. I felt I was unable to attend family functions or parties because I couldn’t eat like I used to. After a few months, thought, I felt amazing! The weight was coming off. I was eating delicious healthy, food. I was feeling so much better physically and mentally.

When did you have your surgery and what type(s) of surgery did you have?

I originally had the gastric sleeve done in March of 2015. The reflux I had prior to surgery became horrific and totally unbearable so I ended up having a revision RNY in June 2018. It was the best decision ever!

What advice would you give to folks contemplating the surgery? What have you learned as a result of being a WLS survivor?

My advice would be to not have this surgery in vain! Use your new tool to its fullest. It’s a tough journey, but so worth it. As a survivor, I’ve learned to listen to my body, take time to listen to myself, and to care for me first.

What are some of your non-scale victories? How much weight have you lost?

Oh, there are so many NSVs! Between both of my surgeries, I’ve lost 87lbs! Holy Crow, that’s crazy! I can cross my legs! I can bend over to shave my legs without losing my breath. I’m so much more mobile and active. I actually do have collar bones and hip bones! I can ride a roller coaster and not worry about fitting in the seat safely. I’ve actually worn a belt! I haven’t worn one since high school. My husband can hug me and reach around arm to arm.

What makes you a badass? I’ve got some ideas, but I want to hear yours.

Not only has this journey taught me to slow down and listen but it’s also taught me that it’s really ok to not have a filter. I don’t worry about what people think or say about me anymore. This is me! Like it or not… I love it!

What’s next up for you? Feel free to talk about your career, future goals etc.

I’m still working toward my goal weight. I realize it’s a number on a scale, but I’d like to try. I am working on getting our travel business known. We’d like to do more paid advertising in the near future. My plan is to make it in this business and fully retire with the hubs.

Thanks, Tracy for your time and your badassery. Love you.

Isn’t she great? If you’re looking for love, support and assistance, join the Facebook group at We’d welcome you with open arms.

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