Why Weight Loss Surgery Was Necessary For Me

weight loss surgerySometimes, I hear the statement that people who have weight loss or bariatric surgery have taken the easy way out. I’ll be honest, even my own sister-in-law said it to me when she found out I was having it. It incensed me. My decision and journey have not been easy. This is not a quick fix.

Weight Loss Surgery is a Tool, not a Magic Bullet

The truth is that weight loss surgery can help you lose weight if you are significantly overweight, which I was. By the time I’m done losing my weight, I will have lost over 200 lbs. That’s a lot of weight. Conventional methods did not work for me. I would lose a little and gain a lot back. I pretty much dieted myself up to nearly 400 lbs.

I am not lying. I wish I were. I wish there were a different way out for me. Bariatric surgery was literally my last hope. I had messed up my knee significantly. I tore my meniscus and I had bone on bone arthritis in my left knee. Why? I had too much weight on my legs for more than 20 years. I admit my responsibility in my poor health. Yes, I do.

My orthopedic surgeon told me I need to get to a 40 BMI before she’d do the surgery on me. I was at a 68 BMI. How insane is that?

So, I made the painful decision to have bariatric surgery for a second time. Oh yes, I had it once before. I had a lap band in 2010 and it was removed in 2013. I gained almost all the weight back from that time and I felt like a failure. I was scared that the sleeve would cause me great misery and wouldn’t wind up working.

Why Was This Time Different?

I prepared myself for my weight loss surgery. I had worked on my emotional overeating with a nutritionist and my therapist. I talked to my life coach about concerns on the weight loss journey. I read books and researched the surgery. I was an informed patient. I had also given myself a leg up on most weight loss surgery patients. I had experience with the process. I had the knowledge and will to succeed. My mindset was healthy. I was ready to let food go.

My Success

It hasn’t been easy. As of the writing of this article, I’ve lost over 160 lbs with just 60 more to go. I know I will reach my goals. I have no doubt of that. I know that this time I will keep the weight off. However, I have worked my tail off and have a ton of new and healthy habits to show for my work. This has NOT been an easy process. I can’t eat meat anymore. I can barely tolerate gluten. Becoming a gluten-free vegetarian was NOT in my life plan at all.

However, I’ve learned to roll with the punches and accept life for what it is. It’s not perfect. Food is NOT my friend. It’s also not my foe. It’s just food. I look at food so differently now than I used to and it’s healthy. I advocate a healthy relationship with food for my clients. I have discovered one for myself. I enjoy food sometimes. Sometimes, I don’t. It’s okay. I’ve gone from looking forward to my next meal to often forgetting to eat. It’s a weird sort of thing. I once went four days without eating because I wanted to test my hunger response. This surgery is a tool that’s helping me be successful, but the success is still mine. I didn’t take the easy way out and neither are you.

You deserve respect along your journey. Demand it. If you need help, I’m her