What’s a Badass

badassAs a badass coach, I only like to coach badass people. What does that even mean? What’s a badass? Well, I, for one, am a badass. I have conquered so many things in my life. I won’t get into them here, but know that I’ve been through some significant shit and I’ve survived it all.

That’s badass.

So many people think that being a badass is a negative thing. It’s not, not if you look at in the right way. Some define a badass as a bully. Well, I know that bullying is not what being a badass is. It’s the opposite. A badass would never bully someone because they understand that life is full of challenges and people all face their challenges in their own way.

A badass owns his or her shit and lets other people own theirs. They respect people who take responsibility for their actions. A badass is an honorable person. They have high character and take integrity seriously. A badass is authentic and kind but they are tough as nails.

I am able to handle anything life throws at me. I have the quiet confidence that comes with that knowledge. I can help you get that in your life. I love to help people find their inner badass. I believe everyone is a badass. Everyone has shit to get through in this life. No one goes unscathed through the hellfire and damnation that we face day to day.

Life is hard but you don’t have to be. A badass can remain tender during the most difficult times in life. They can remember that life is worth living and the things that make life worth living for are worth fighting for. What are those things? Family, relationships, children and self-respect. They are the great intangibles that people really get jazzed about.

Are you ready to find your inner badass? Great! I’m ready and willing to help you. It will be hard work, but it will be so fulfilling. Call me today to set up a consultation or discovery call. I’m ready for you.