Ring in the New Year with Sum Sanos

I don’t know if you’ve heard the news yet, but I’ve become a Sum Sanos coach. Sum Sanos, which is Latin for “I am healthy,” is the brain child of Dr. Gina Cleo. This Australian academic has hit on a wonderful breakthrough in obesity-related research. Dr. Cleo has built a program that is destined to hit big and make quite an impact in the weight loss industry.

Why? Because it works. Dr. Cleo has determined that the key to lasting weight loss is habit change. Yes, habit change. That means you change your lifestyle to lose weight and move more. Exercise and dietary changes require lifestyle changes. It seems simple but no one else is teaching people how to do this.

Not until Sum Sanos.

That is why I am happy to be able to provide the Sum Sanos program as part of my coaching offerings. You can sign up today. We will start in January and you can ring in the New Year with good health.

What will we do?

We will work together for twelve months. I will meet with you once a month for at least an hour to go over the Sum Sanos workbook which is full of homework and exercises to help you get clear on your goals and your patterns. I will then call you for three 15-minute check ins each month to follow-up and see how things are going.

We will progress along the program effortlessly and you will make changes like you’ve never made before and you will stick to them. I am working the program on my own and already seeing results. I’m using it to lose my last 50 pounds. To date, I’ve lost 160 pounds with the help of the vertical gastric sleeve and lifestyle changes, but I needed more help.

The Sum Sanos approach will get me there and it will get you there too.

Contact me today for more information and to set up your free initial introduction the Sum Sanos way and be healthy in 2019 and beyond.

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