Can’t Hurt Me – A True Testament to the Iron Will

Can't Hurt Me

David Goggins is a badass. He’s a warrior. The former Navy Seal and extreme athlete is a personal hero of mine. I love how he pushes himself to be better. He’s on a constant mission of self-improvement and I strive to be like him as much as I can.

In his first book, Can’t Hurt Me, Goggins gets real and personal. He talks in depth about his life and how he overcame a difficult childhood, learning disabilities, obesity, health challenges, failed marriages and more. He ends each chapter with an action plan for the reader so that we can callous our minds the way he has.

Goggins believes that most people operate at 40% of their full potential. He calls it the 40 percent rule. He feels that we can access more of ourselves. We can do more and be more by just pushing ourselves a bit more. I’ve been trying it in my personal life with my exercise routine and it really makes sense to me.

I enjoyed reading this book immensely. Goggins really pours his soul into the book. He bares himself for all to see and doesn’t hold anything back. His honesty is refreshing and welcomed. He understands what it takes to be a warrior because he is one.

He went through Hell Week not once, not twice but three times. Each time, he faced some severe physical challenges, but he didn’t let them hold him back. As an extreme athlete, he discusses some significant health challenges. He always finds a way around them and never lets anything keep him down. I love his intestinal fortitude.

I personally have some health challenges and I love Goggins’ refusal to let them define him. I won’t let my limitations break me. I love this book for inspiration and insights. I learned a lot about David Goggins and how I can callous my mind to make me into the best version of myself.

I recommend this book highly. Please read it and do the chapter exercises to the best of your ability. I am currently going through the book a second time because there’s so much to learn.