The Four Agreements – Always Do Your Best

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The fourth of the Four Agreements is “Always do your best.” For many of us, it seems simple enough because we’ve been told to do our best our entire lives. However, what does doing your best mean?
People have different definitions of that, don’t they?

For me, doing your best means that you put your full effort and attention into something. You don’t take it for granted. You work hard to ensure that you see the project or relationship through to its conceivable ending and then do any follow up afterwards.

To me, doing your best also means owning up to and correcting any mistakes you may make along the way. Mistakes are a part of life, but handling them with maturity, grace and integrity takes some doing. It’s difficult to master.

Personally, I don’t like to make mistakes. It makes me feel bad about myself. I like to put my best effort in and feel upset when I do something wrong. This is something I need to work on as a human being and a coach. I am not perfect. I am not guru. Anyone who tells you they are probably isn’t.

However, I do try to live my life as best as I can. I put a lot of effort into my workouts, my eating plan, self-care activities, my family and my friendships, but not necessarily in that order. I also engage in a myriad of professional and volunteer activities to keep myself busy and active. I give back to my community.

I do not attend church. I don’t think it’s necessary. As for my relationship with a Higher Power, I’m still working on it. I’m not sure why I mentioned that but it seems fitting in this area. I grew up Catholic and well, we were taught to always put in a lot of effort no matter what.

Sometimes, this can lead a person to perfectionism. It did for me. Nothing was ever good enough. I never felt like I was doing my best even when I was. So, for me, doing your best is a work in progress. I have to learn to be comfortable with the discomfort of knowing that I can make mistakes. We all can. I have to accept and own them and move on.

Doing your best means that you try as hard as you can to be a good citizen of the world, your community and your circle of influence which includes family and friends. It’s an all-inclusive thing, a mindset if you will.

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