Diets Don’t Work

I know that many people don’t look at obesity as a mental and physical disorder. However, from my own personal experiences, I believe it is. Obese people are not lazy or gluttonous. Many of us are actively trying to diet and exercise on a regular basis. We know the ins and outs of diets better than anybody, but, guess what?

Diets don’t work. Lifestyle changes do.

Obese people are fighting a losing battle. The system is stacked against us. The diet industry is worth billions. There is always a new fad out there that promises to help you lose weight for good. The truth is that a diet is set up as a temporary fix. It doesn’t help you make long-term behavior changes. People stay on course for a little while and then plan to get off the diet plan. They usually go back to their old ways and regain the weight, sometimes plus some, after they go off their diet.

That’s a shame.

The dieting mindset is not a winning mindset. It sets you up for temporary success. Diets are also usually unreasonable, long-term eating plans. For example, Atkins was a plan that was very popular at one point. People discovered that by eating low-carb and high fat, that they could lose weight through a process called ketosis. However, when they added in carbs again, they gained the weight back or, through the deprivation process, they craved more carbs.

Once they reintroduced them into their plans, they went crazy and overate rather than practicing moderation. They found themselves back at square one and deemed Atkins a failure. Atkins, however, is not a sustainable plan. After about six months of it, you can do damage to your heart and kidneys as a cardiologist friend of mine told me.

Why would someone want to go through that just to lose weight?

Well, people will do just about anything to get rid of excess weight. Excess weight is considered sinful in our society. On one hand, we are encouraged to eat high fat, high simple carbohydrate food – hey, if you think I’m wrong, just watch TV in the evenings and tell me how many commercials for fruits and vegetables you see. On the other, we are told that we must be a certain size or weight.

For example, keto is very popular right now. So many people are on it. I avoid fads and eat intuitively. As a result, my body is returning to homeostasis. I am at a weight that’s fairly comfortable and I appreciate all that I’ve done and learned about physical versus physiological hunger. I know when I’m truly hungry and I eat only until I’m full.

I don’t have to count calories or watch everything I eat. I love complex carbs and am a gluten-free vegetarian. I love food and eat the foods that love me back. Everyone has different foods that do that for them.

As a life coach, I will help you get off the diet roller-coaster. Are you ready to give up dieting and be successful in your weight loss efforts? Great! Work with me today. Set up an appointment for your free consultation at