Bariatric Life Coach

bariatric life coachAs a bariatric life coach, I want to make it clear that I help people who want to be helped. I am a certified life coach who is currently working on her ACC credential through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I take my work as a bariatric life coach very seriously and want you to be firm in your commitment to yourself to do the work before you decide to work with me.

What does a bariatric life coach do?

Well, I can’t speak for other bariatric life coaches, but, for me, a bariatric life coach helps bariatric patients at all levels of the spectrum. That could mean you are deciding on whether to have bariatric surgery, you are currently in the pre-op insurance hoop hell or you have had weight loss surgery and are looking at how your life is changing and want to cope with life without overeating.

Why do I think you need a bariatric life coach?

I wish I had had a bariatric life coach when I was in the process. I worked with people who knew me and what I’d been through. I trusted them, but I had no one who could really hold space for me and who understood what I was thinking and feeling. Sure, I had friends and family who had the surgery, but I didn’t have the support I needed or wanted. I tried Facebook groups. I even created one for myself and my friends.

The truth was that I needed, wanted someone who had been in my shoes, who had gone through the steps I had gone through. I wanted someone in my life who could walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Heck, I’ve been through two bariatric surgeries. I’ve had lots of complications. I know how this works. I am not some never been fat surgeon or nutritionist telling you what I think you need to do.

In fact, I help you decide what you need to do. You know what it is you have to do to succeed. Get out of your own way. Let me be your bariatric life coach so I can do just that.

What’s next?

Take the next smallest step you can and contact me. I will help you through this process. I am more than qualified to do it and I want to help. I want to be your bariatric life coach. Let me help you navigate this interesting, amazing and difficult time. We will maximize your success so you don’t become a statistic who regains the weight.

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