Bariatric Life Coaching

I do offer bariatric life coaching. I can coach bariatric patients at all stages of the process. Are you contemplating surgery? Are you in the preop hell where you go through hoops for insurance purposes? Are you waiting to have surgery and anxious about it or the future? How about, being post bariatric surgery and dealing with your new eating life and body?

Bariatric life coaching is so rewarding for me. I’ve been through the best and worst times of my life since bariatric surgery. I’ve had two of them. First, a lap band in 2010 which was removed in 2013 due to complications. Then, in 2017, I had my gastric sleeve. I’ve successfully lost 135 lbs and found a whole new life since then. And a new career.

Chances are, if you’re a bariatric patient, I understand what you’re going through. Not many people in the industry do. You can’t shock me and I will proffer no judgment. I will love and accept you as you are in the moment as you are. I can offer that for you.

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