Bariatric Q&A

This is where you can find the skinny (hehe) on Bariatric surgery, particularly the Gastric Sleeve. I do want to make it clear that I am NOT a medical professional. I do not have a degree in nutrition. I am a life coach who has been through this process twice.

I want to make you aware of the potential pitfalls and answer some questions you may have along the way. This is going to be a labor of love, but it’s not a substitute for medical advice.

I will talk specifically about my journey. Know that this is all I can do. Know that everyone’s journey is different. Different surgeons and different practices all discuss different things. There are some truisms that extend across the bariatric spectrum, but there’s much dissonance regarding foods you can eat and what you can ‘get away with.’

Always check with your doctor or surgeon if you have a question. I am limited in what I can answer. However, if you decide to work with me at any point, I will work with you to better understand your body and help you take action steps to make this surgery work.

Gastric sleeve is a tool you can use to improve your life and health, but you do all the work. Please remember that. This is not a quick fix or easy way out. It’s a complete lifestyle change.

Below are topics that I will be focusing on with links to pages that are already written. This will expand as I keep writing articles. If you have any to add to this list, please email me at I would appreciate the assistance. I want to make this a comprehensive informational area for you and for me too, because I need these reminders just like everyone else.

Here are the titles: