resourcesI have a lot of professionals in my life and I highly recommend them for others. If you  need additional, professional assistance, I welcome your journey. Just let me know how to support you. I have plenty of resources I can provide you with.

Sparkman Nutrition

This is my personal nutritionist. Alexa Sparkman contends that we eat emotionally and can learn to control mind hunger. I have taken her support groups several times and always learned something new. She is kind and understanding. She even had me do a ‘cookie diet’ for a few days so now cookies are not a ‘trigger food.’ She’s not the FDA, food-pyramid type of nutritionist. No. Alexa is a believer in Geneen Roth’s approach. She’s Austin-based like me.


Online site featuring wellness courses. I love their meditation series. They have teachers like Thich Nanh Hat and Pema Chodron. The courses are often on special. It’s worth it to wait for them. Udemy has a wide variety of courses not just in wellness but in IT & Business and more. If you’re a lifelong learner and seeker like me, they’re a great resource.

Yourself Truly

A intensive 10-week course that is well worth the money for women who needs to learn to be compassionate with themselves. It’s so life-affirming. Dr. Charlotte Howard is the perfect guide to help you learn to love and accept yourself. She helped me and I am grateful that there are people out there putting out such good vibes in the universe.

Clay Blacker Counseling & Coaching

Clay Blacker is my life coach. He has inspired me to become a life coach and help others. He is a virtual badass and I am proud to call him a friend and mentor. Clay, like me, is a graduate of Rhodes Wellness College. He is also a counselor, which I am not and have no plans to be. I have no problem referring you to Clay should need more intensive work than I can manage.

Austin Hypnotherapy Solutions

Pam Krewson will open up your parasympathetic brain. You will get an insight into your subconscious. Plagued by anxiety and self-doubt? She can help you make significant strides in your life. She has helped me sit in my power and learn so much more about myself than I ever dreamed possible.

If you need these or other resources, please feel free to let me know. I am happy to help you even if we don’t work together.

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