I have a lot of professionals in my life and I highly recommend them for others. If you  need additional, professional assistance, I welcome your journey. Just let me know how to support you.

Sparkman Nutrition

This is my personal nutritionist. Alexa Sparkman contends that we eat emotionally and can learn to control mind hunger. I have taken her support groups several times and always learned something new. She is kind and understanding. She even had me do a ‘cookie diet’ for a few days so now cookies are not a ‘trigger food.’ She’s not the FDA, food-pyramid type of nutritionist. No. Alexa is a believer in Geneen Roth’s approach. She’s Austin-based like me.


Online site featuring wellness courses. I love their meditation series. They have teachers like Thich Nanh Hat and Pema Chodron. The courses are often on special. It’s worth it to wait for them. Udemy has a wide variety of courses not just in wellness but in IT & Business and more. If you’re a lifelong learner and seeker like me, they’re a great resource.

Yourself Truly

A intensive 10-week course that is well worth the money for women who needs to learn to be compassionate with themselves. It’s so life-affirming. Dr. Charlotte Howard is the perfect guide to help you learn to love and accept yourself. She helped me and I am grateful that there are people out there putting out such good vibes in the universe.

Clay Blacker Counseling & Coaching

Clay Blacker is my life coach. He has inspired me to become a life coach and help others. He is a virtual badass and I am proud to call him a friend and mentor. Clay, like me, is a graduate of Rhodes Wellness College. He is also a counselor, which I am not and have no plans to be. I have no problem referring you to Clay should need more intensive work than I can manage.

Austin Hypnotherapy Solutions

Pam Krewson will open up your parasympathetic brain. You will get an insight into your subconscious. Plagued by anxiety and self-doubt? She can help you make significant strides in your life. She has helped me sit in my power and learn so much more about myself than I ever dreamed possible.


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