deanna100lbslostAs a life coach, I offer coaching services. I work to get you in touch with your present to help you bring about a more positive future. I prefer to work with people contemplatin bariatric surgery or how are in the process of obtaining the WLS surgery.

However, I can provide short-term coaching and long-term coaching servies to anyone.  I provide packages for folks who need a bit of a break in pricing and a sliding-scale fee. I don’t want you to avoid coaching because you feel you can’t afford it. Email me at for more information if you don’t see what you want here. We can talk about it and I accept bartered services in some instances.

Please call me at 512-484-7634  to set up your free experience call. I will respond to you within 24 business hours or less.

I do require payment prior to paid sessions either by Paypal, the Cash App or Facebook Messenger. See my pricing structure page for more information on what I charge.

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