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Bariatric Support GroupsI offer bariatric support groups for people who are interested in learning more about the surgery process or who are undergoing bariatric surgery. Bariatric support groups should, above all, be supportive. I seek to create an environments that is loving, caring and kind. Basically, I want people to feel heard and respected. Unfortunately, I have attended support groups that were judgmental and frankly, unsupportive. It’s not the way I run my bariatric support groups.

How do I run my bariatric support groups?

Well, I’m there as merely a facilitator. That does not mean you can ask me questions about the surgery process. I will be happy to answer them. However, I let the group do the heavy lifting and help each other understand what they’re going through. I want my groups to grow and share together. Unlike other support groups, I encourage people to form relationships outside of group, not sexual ones but I don’t judge if it happens. Actually, I want people to become friends and support each other after the group is done. I feel we are stronger together and have a lot to learn from each other.

How can you become part of my bariatric support groups?

Beginning in January, I will be offering special bariatric support group rates on this website and I will provide you with more information. I will run three support groups monthly. You are welcome to attend one or all of the sessions. They are at different times of the week. Currently, I am running them in my online support group at You’re welcome to join the group for fun and support but the actual bariatric support groups themselves are full.

For Austinites – Live Support Group Option

I will be running a special yoga/life coaching support group with my friend, Abby Lentz, beginning in October 2018 – that’s just a few days away. It’s live and it costs $25 per session. There are six sessions and if it goes well, we will run a new one in January. It’s on Monday nights at Abby’s yoga studio. We are limiting it to five bariatric patients who want to get support in time for the holidays.

So stay tuned for more information on bariatric support groups. I will do my best to provide you with adequate information to get signed up and in the next round after the new year. Start off 2019 with support and friendship. If you’re interested in being on the waiting list, just email me at I will be happy to send you an email reminder when things are in motion.

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