Deanna is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is kind, compassionate, and extremely understanding to all situations. I felt instantly comfortable in session with Deanna and she really did help me with reaching goals I had set for myself. One situation she helped me with was making a big purchase. I’d been on the fence about it for months, and Deanna helped me see that purchasing things for yourself and business isn’t something to feel ashamed about. Deanna is a lovely person, and a very skilled coach and I’m so grateful I was able to work with her!

A.C.  – Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

Working with Deanna is a transformational experience. Her passion for serving her clients is so evident in everything she does. If you ever get a chance to work with her… Grab it and thank me later.

G.E. – Abuuja, Nigeria (Africa)

Mrs. Goodson is a wonderful leader, healer and listener who brings her lived life experiences to all. She makes the time to understand one’s journey when it comes to living with food addiction and living a life with understanding that. Thank you, Mrs. Goodson, for always being authentic!

K.H. – Atlanta, GA (USA)

Deanna really helped me work around and through several obstacles that were holding me back from doing “simple” things and accomplishing my goals. She made me very comfortable, listened to my problems, and suggested alternative approaches. She helped me overcome both obstacles that were external, and some of those in my own mind.

N.B. –  Windsor, Ontario (Canada)

Working with Deanna has been enlightening and extremely encouraging! Her knowledge and expertise is unmatched. She is focused, considerate and truly has a heart for helping people experience the best life possible. Her kindness and willingness to listen make it easy to share your thoughts in a safe place, and free of judgement. I highly recommend Deanna. It was a true pleasure working with her!

K.F. – Austin, TX (USA)

Deanna was so helpful during a difficult time. She was an awesome listener and available whenever I needed her help and advice. She was good to remind me what was important and what to focus on. Gave me techniques to calm down when I started getting overwhelmed.

K.K. – Redmond, WA (USA)