Deanna is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is kind, compassionate, and extremely understanding to all situations. I felt instantly comfortable in session with Deanna and she really did help me with reaching goals I had set for myself. One situation she helped me with was making a big purchase. I’d been on the fence about it for months, and Deanna helped me see that purchasing things for yourself and business isn’t something to feel ashamed about. Deanna is a lovely person, and a very skilled coach and I’m so grateful I was able to work with her!

A.C.  – Ontario, CA

Deanna’s life coaching has helped me tremendously in my journey to lose 100 pounds. Unlike many counseling and O. A. meetings, which tend to be too highly structured for me (that would be me, following somebody else’s agenda or program), Deanna is about me and my needs. I appreciate her ability to “meet me where I’m at” through pro-active goal setting and personalizing my process of change.

Deanna is patient, understanding, and forgiving, but she also knows just the right way to get me to listen to things I might not want to hear without making me feel criticized or defensive.

My life coaching sessions with her have been a total success!

J.B. – Austin, TX