Refocusing and Readjusting

Yes, I am almost finished with my life coaching program at Rhodes Wellness College. I am excited and scared for the future. I am very happy to help people forge their own path but know I must walk my walk and talk my talk. I am prepared to do it. It’s both vulnerable and freeing.

I still write blogs for people and do social media. At least, I will for a time. However, my main business is going to be helping people find their true purpose and meaning in their lives. I am encouraged by the clients I am currently working with and looking forward to finding new ones. I learn something new from everyone I meet and am open to the universal energy that is in everything.

I am naturally intuitive but I know how to hold a comfortable space for you. I am a fantastic and empathetic listener. I will ask you questions that will make you think and reexamine your values. I’ve been through the process myself. I have a fantastic life coach who recognized something special in me. Check out my resources page for more info on that – and other professionals I recommend.

As a life coach, I have a lot to offer. Rhodes trains you well to help others. You  must have a servant’s heart and an open mind. I have both. I want you to live your best life and know that you have the answers within you. Welcome to my new website. I’ll be revamping it with more images soon.

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