How long does it really take the stomach to heal after the sleeve?

This question is a toughie because it varies widely. Different people heal at different rates. Some heal faster; some heal slower. I don’t know, but I tend to think that I’m on the slower side. I can honestly only speak to my experience so that’s what I’m going to do here.

I don’t want you to feel discouraged or upset. I, do, however, want you to realize that even after surgery you should take care of your ‘new stomach’. It’ll thank you for it. Your body has just undergone a major trauma. It needs to heal from this.

How long should I take it easy after surgery? 

Most people take the week off after their surgery to rest and recuperate. This is a good amount of time for the initial healing to begin. If you can’t get this time off, please try to do the best you can to rest as much as you can during this time. Your body needs sleep to repair and heal itself.

How long did it take me to feel better after surgery? 

Physically, I felt fine the week after. I was able to do most things. Your doctor will encourage you not to lift anything heavy for a while and you should definitely keep your two-week post op visit so that the surgeon can check your incisions and make sure you’re healing properly. I felt tired even after that full week off. I am lucky that I work from home and can rest when I need to. So, I did.

It took me a full month to feel really strong again. I did begin exercising once the doctor cleared me to do it and it helped with the fatigue.

How long did it take my stomach to heal post-surgery? 

That question is harder to answer and why I advocate for a post-surgery progression diet plan. I do believe that you need to follow it to make sure your stomach is ready for ‘real food’. Your tummy needs time to readjust to eating and digesting. That takes about a month.

For me, I can honestly say that six months after surgery, I still felt the need to be gentle with my stomach. That’s just me and I know I was being overcautious. I just knew how much of a change my body had been through and wanted to honor it.

What you do is up to you and what you feel is what you feel. Honor your new stomach by giving it time to rest and heal and it will thank you for it.


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