A Challenging Time

I feel my real power as a coach and as a person comes in sharing my story. Not everyone agrees with me, but they don’t define me so I’m going to get real here. I have had some complications from my current bariatric surgery. I still am pleased that I have had the surgery. I have gained more from it than I ever expected and well, I am proud of it.

However, a few months past I noticed that I was feeling stuck a lot. I threw up a little more. I thought I was eating too fast so I really watched that. It continued. In February, I called my surgeon and asked what to do. He suggested I see my gastroenterologist and get an endoscopy to find out what was going on.

Well, I did that. The GI doc had other ideas. He wanted to put me on an expensive medication that was basically Nexium. I’m sure he had his reasons, but I was disappointed.

Then, things got worse. I tried acupuncture and reiki. I was convinced it was me, that I had somehow not accepted the surgery or was eating the wrong foods or doing something wrong. I stopped eating after 5pm as the GI doc suggested. I made sure I got in my protein – even though I can’t eat meat (another complication) – and really made sure to eat slow. I started exercising again. I had stopped because I was so tired from throwing up. I just did it anyway.

I had a follow-up with the bariatric surgeon on March 21. He was upset that I was throwing up so much. He ordered a barium swallow. I had that on the 26th. The next day, he called me himself to tell me to go to the ER if I got dehydrated, which I haven’t, or get an endoscopy ASAP. The GI doc’s office originally wanted me to wait til the 29th to see someone to get approval for the endoscope. No. I complained and got an appointment that day.

I was hoping to have the scope that day. Didn’t happen. I have to wait until April 3, unless I get dehydrated first. Then, I must go the ER and my bariatric surgeon will make them admit me and scope me. I don’t want to get dehydrated. It’s not pretty. So I slowly sip drinks throughout the day and night. I am having trouble sleeping because I can’t hold down all of my medications.

I still don’t know what’s wrong and I hope on that day, I will get some answers. I am kind of hoping that the GI doc can’t fix it. I don’t really trust him. I have made an appointment for follow-up with a new GI doc on April 17.

I do not like being treated poorly by doctors. Basically, I am on liquids right now and potentially for the foreseeable future. I am bipolar and have to grind up my meds. They taste horrible. It makes me cry to do this. In fact, I’ve been mad and sad and have had a lot of emotions. I am just taking it as easy as I can and being gentle with myself and trying to laugh a lot.

I will fight. I am a warrior. Again, I do not regret this surgery. The problem is most likely easily fixable. I don’t want you to fear putting your needs first. I don’t want you to fear a health crisis. No matter what it is, you can cope with it. The not knowing is hard. I’m lucky to have great professionals like a life coach and a therapist and a psychiatrist. I’m lucky to have great friends. I love them so much. I have a fantastic family.

This only makes me stronger. It makes me more conscious that my passion is to help people like me overcome challenges. If I can do it, I know you can too.

Thank you for reading this post.

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