How Much Weight Will I Lose?

People are always making the mistake of comparing their weight loss journey to other people’s. I can tell you that every journey, like every person, is different. Some people naturally lose weight faster than others. It’s true.

How much weight can I expect to lose after bariatric surgery?

Weight loss varies per person. About 10 lbs. a month is reasonable to assume. Probably more at the beginning, especially during the post-op progression diet, which takes about four weeks. You go from liquids to solids progressively and it’s an interesting time for your body and your life. Your stomach is healing and so is your mind.

Give it time and don’t give up. Work the program and try to exercise as soon as you’re cleared by your surgeon to do activity.

Why am I losing less weight than so and so? 

First of all, stop comparing yourself to so and so. If you must know, there are a variety of factors why weight loss is different for different people. This person may be eating less or exercising more. They may crave different foods than you do. You don’t know their journey and they don’t know yours. As long as you are moving in a downward direction, don’t worry, okay? Personally, I have lost 135 lbs in about 11 months. Some people have lost more weight; some have lost less.

I am happy  with my results. I like how I look and better yet, how I feel. I no longer need knee surgery and am so much more mobile than before.

Look at your non-scale victories. 

Some questions to ask when you’re getting discouraged include:

  • Have I gained muscle?
  • Do my clothes fit better?
  • Can I do things I wasn’t able to do when I was bigger?
  • What is my pant, shoe, shirt, etc. size? How is it different than before?

Remember that pounds lost is just one indicator of success and it’s not always the most accurate. I lost 1.5 shoe sizes so far. I didn’t even think feet lost weight. Now, that’s cool.

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