What do I focus on first – protein or hydration?

This question  stumps a lot of newbies. After surgery, you are given a post op progression diet in most cases. You basically go from liquid to pureed to soft then to regular foods. These “diets” differ among surgeons and some require you to be on the program longer than others.

We will discuss a sample post op progression diet in a later post.

Basically, people wonder if they should try to get in their protein or their liquid first. Personally, I was told that it’s the hydration you need to worry about first. It’s the most immediate need and most helpful for your body to recover.

Remember, when you were put under, you were inflated with air and you will have gas as a result of the surgery healing process. Gas is not pleasant and the water seems to help it get moving and your bowels too.

So, if you are having trouble navigating whether to get your 60 – 75 grams of protein in a day or your 40 – 64 fluid ounces of liquid, do the liquid first. Don’t try to manage everything it once. It wil come in time.

So, hydration first, then protein. The best way to get your priorities in order is to know what they are. If you have questions or your surgeon’s office deals with this issue differently, please check with them. This is what I know to be true from my own expereience and that of my friends in the bariatric community.


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