Why Do I Need to Follow a Post-Surgery Progression Diet?

I was just going to tag this part into the bottom of my Post-Surgery Progression Diet page, but I decided to give it its own post. Why? Well, I determined that it’s necessary for you to understand why you need to do the diet.

Some people are so ready to eat food before their stomach is ready. The post-surgery progression diet is in place to give your stomach the time it needs to heal. Sometimes it can take up to six months for your stomach to heal properly.

Remember, sleeve surgery removes about 70% of your stomach. It’s a major surgery, folks. It’s not a little thing that just happens. You are re-creating your anatomy and you need to give your body time to heal.

The stomach needs a break from food. That’s why the liquid phase is so important. I know I hear many people in bariatric support groups complain about being really hungry during this time, but it’s mind hunger. You can fight it. You can overcome it and you should really consider doing so.

Your body is no joke. Your stomach is healing from major trauma. Be gentle with it. The plan is not in place to test or upset you. The plan is there to help you heal and be ready for real food. It’s only a few short weeks that you’re on the post-surgery progression diet so, be patient.

Good things do come to those who wait.

I even advise people to stay on liquid as long as they can, but I’m not your doctor or a medical professional. I found liquid to be very helpful in my own healing process. So long as you get in your protein with protein shakes and protein water (available from Protein20 on Amazon.com. Try the grape and mixed berry.) and your water, you will be fine.

Good luck and happy healing.

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