Badass Book Reviews: No One Ever Got Fat from Calories

R. Belldon Colme is an acquaintance of mine. He will be appearing on my Bariatric Badass podcast, which will air soon. I will have more information for you shortly. He’s a pioneer in the coaching industry. He’s a health and fitness coach who works with you on nutrition. I believe he knows more about nutrition than most nutritionists do and I know he knows more than most doctors or surgeons do.

He, however, is not a big fan of bariatric surgery. I plan to ask him why when he comes on my podcast. Basically, he seems that it doesn’t do the trick or help us to eat as well as we could. Belldon believes in a whole foods diet, a return to the eating we used to do intuitively before obesity became the epidemic it is.

He is also an opponent of “Big Food”. It’s like “Big Pharma” and it tries to keep us sick and addicted. Most junk foods are just that, junk. We shouldn’t be filling our bodies up with the stuff. It’s not to our best benefit.

Belldon tells us about how calories aren’t really a unit of measurement and we should stop counting them. They are a fabrication and a fallacy sold to us by nutritionists and big food to help keep us fat. He advocates a return to balanced eating. There are four food groups in Belldon’s Shiwu Zen. They are greens, vegetables, proteins and carbs.

You will learn all about getting adequate water and nutrition in his book. You will also find the best and most complete explanation of metabolism that I have yet to find. I find this book to be very interesting and engaging from the get go. Belldon doesn’t shy away from his own story. In fact, he presents it to you in such a way that you can’t help but realize that he walks the walk. As a coach, I admire that.

If you’re ready to read this life-changing book, go ahead. I encourage you. If you want to hear the podcast first, I’ll post links when they’re live.

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