Badass Book Reviews – The 10 X Rule

Grant Cardone is a badass. He may even be a bit of a hard ass. However, he totally gets things done. His goal is to be known to all seven billion people on this planet. Grant works hard to make that goal a reality every day. He does not believe in going soft. He goes at everything with a 150% effort. Otherwise, to him, it’s not worth it. He doesn’t believe in giving up or giving in.

Grant is a kick ass man. He came from nothing and has created a major real estate empire for himself. He has trainings and a TV show and a whole bunch of projects going on. He loves to stay busy. He’s also married to a beautiful woman and has some great children. He loves his family and gets up earlier in the morning to be with them and to exercise.

He figures that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing excellently. He over-promises and over-delivers. I love that. I do that myself. His way of going at things was a little difficult for me as a life coach, but I think that, as a badass, it’s right up my alley.

If you want to make $3 million, why not dream of making $30 million or $300 million? He really believes in pushing for the stars. He made me think of things I hadn’t dreamt of before. My life coach, Andy Onstead, suggested I read this book. I wasn’t sure, but I really got a lot of good information out of it.

I totally suggest that you read it if you have goals you want to achieve. Grant will help you reach for the stars and improve your outlook. It’s all about outlook. If you have a crappy outlook, you will get crap back. If you have a great outlook, you’ll get greatness back. I teach that to my clients. It’s all about your perspective.

What do you want to achieve? Achieve, believe and conceive. You can do anything.

Read the 10X Rule at today:


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